2. What's "big data" got to do with it? Implications for firm behavior in the movie industry (working paper link)

1. "Big Data" on the Big Screen: Uncovering latent coherence among movies and its effect on box office performance (working paper link)

5. Optimal Firm Advertising Behavior: A Bayesian Biform Game (working paper)

Comparative advertising is an important strategic option for a firm. This paper studies a firm's optimal advertising behavior in industries characterized by different levels of competitive intensity and composed of different types of buyers, by employing a Bayesian biform game framework.

Sandra Barbosu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Strategy

Rotman School of Management 

University of Toronto

4. Storm Crowds: Evidence from Zooniverse on Crowd Contribution Design (joint with Joshua Gans; working paper link; Vox article link)

This paper investigates how the editing structure of crowdsourcing websites, particularly contribution divisibility - whether contributing tasks are bundled together or they can be selectively carried out - affects the level and quality of volunteer contributions in the crowdsourced science platform Zooniverse

3. Exploring Heterogeneity in Movie Studio Strategy (work in progress)