Sandra Barbosu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Strategy

Rotman School of Management 

University of Toronto

2. What's "big data" got to do with it? Implications for firm behavior in the movie industry (working paper link)

1. "Big Data" on the Big Screen: Uncovering latent coherence among movies and its effect on box office performance (working paper link)


4. Storm Crowds: Evidence from Zooniverse on Crowd Contribution Design (joint with Joshua Gans; working paper link)

This paper investigates how the editing structure of crowdsourcing websites, particularly contribution divisibility - whether contributing tasks are bundled together or they can be selectively carried out - affects the level and quality of volunteer contributions in the crowdsourced science platform Zooniverse

3. Exploring Heterogeneity in Movie Studio Strategy (work in progress)

5. Optimal Firm Advertising Behavior: A Bayesian Biform Game (working paper)

Comparative advertising is an important strategic option for a firm. This paper studies a firm's optimal advertising behavior in industries characterized by different levels of competitive intensity and composed of different types of buyers, by employing a Bayesian biform game framework.